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September 01, 2009


i want to thank you for sharing this information Andy! This summer I went to a mindfulness event in Southern Sweden and they presented the same information as you did here. It it something I have always known, since I enjoy being out in the forrest etc, but it feels nice to know that it is proven! ;)

Andy, I just purchased your book "Pragmatic Thinking and Learning" --Fantastic book by the way-- Everyone who thinks they are smart probably could be made smarter by reading it and applying the principles. Perhaps my father's example might motivate those who think only L-mode processing is "real thinking" to experiment with the ideas found in the book. My Dad was a world class Electronic Engineer. He designed a computer that sat on the desktop, running a high level language and used a graphical user interface--in 1967. You may have heard of someone that worked with him-Alan Kay? Most people would say he was the epitome of the L-processing rational engineer and yet his breakthroughs almost always happened when he was asleep. I asked him one time how he came up with his ideas. He told me he work work on things, his analogy was "pushing things on the stack," until at some point he would put down his pen and literally sleep on the problem. For over 30 years he expected to wake up and write the answer on a notebook he kept on the bedstand next to him at all times. I know this is a long comment, but I wanted you to know that you are on the right track and people should listen, buy your book and follow your ideas. Many stories about my father run through my mind as I read your book. I grew up knowing some of the best people in the field of computer graphics and I can tell you that the best, like my father, did use processes like you describe in your book. For those that want to be second best, they should igore your advice.

andy, I enjoy your advice and did a reference of your essay on my site in chinese. http://wavebehind.org/2010/02/restoring-cognitive-function.html

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