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December 18, 2008



Congratulations! Looks like a great list.

Congrats Andy! I enjoyed your new book very much.

Congratulations -- I asked for and received this book after having read some of the earlier "Pragmatic..." books.

I'm only on chapter three, but one huge, glaring error keeps getting repeated. The left eye and right eye are not wired to opposite hemispheres of the brain. On page 69, Andy, you say that when researchers show the hierarchical H/I character to subjects with either their left eye or right eye closed, the measure differing abilities in perceiving whether the H or I is dominant.

In fact, the right half field of each eye is wired to the right hemisphere, and the left half field of each eye is wired to the left hemisphere.

If the two fields went to different hemispheres, it would make binocular vision much more complicated, as the correlation of the slightly different L/R images would have to happen between the two hemispheres, instead of within one.

Apparently fusing the left and right images doesn't trip us up much, and for that matter we are usually unaware of our blind spots, so it isn't too surprising that we can paper over such a discontinuity.

Andy, please let me know when you are available to come by and personally correct my book. :-)

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