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October 07, 2008


An interesting website to find some programming problems for that kind of practice is: http://projecteuler.net/

Just wanted to point out that I write a program for the Mac and iPhone called Mental Case, which works on similar principles as Supermemo.

You capture information in any number of novel ways -- enter text, drag in an image, take a screenshot, or even a photo with you iSight -- and it becomes a 'mental note'.

Mental notes are scheduled using algorithms similar to what is mentioned in the article, and can be reviewed in a lesson slide show.

Check it out: http://www.macflashcards.com

Drew McCormack
Mental Case Developer


I am a software tester and not a programmer.

I have just started reading your book. I believe the concept is very good. I believe that this book might be useful to a software tester too. I intend to discuss your book with other software testers.

As a starting point, I have started a discussion thread on a topic from your book.

You might be interested in have a a look (maybe participating/answer questions) at the discussion:

The URL is


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