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February 20, 2008


Finished reading the beta last night. I loved this talk at NFJS (and the herding racehorses one), and to have it in book form- spectacular. I even got my wife to get started on "drawing on the right side of the brain". All of this material has really changed my life! Mostly for the better :-)

Loved the beta book. Can't wait for the last few chapters to come out.

I had a lot of fun reading this beta book as well. Interesting stuff, and again extremely familiar situations and experiences. Having to wait for the last chapters is probably a good thing, too: this gives our R-brains a chance to index the raw data it recorded from the first half, allowing us to read the remainder of the book with more context-awareness.

that looks very interesting. looking forward to the final version.

Wonderful idea, why didn't I think of all that :) Truly insightful.

I asked Dave the same thing:

Is there a recording of either of these talks online?

No, not that I'm aware of. I've given this talk dozens of times over the last couple of years, but the only recordings were made at private companies.

The book -- which is nearly done -- is currently the best source for more information.


I am trying to access mi "R" mode using the three pages writing technique that you mentioned; it's going smooth and nice, actually I became addicted to it!

I wrote a post about your useful book in my blog.

Thank you!

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